Green Tea Health Benefits To Get You Drinking Healthy!

Green Tea

Here at Leaf Logic, we know the health value of a good cup of green tea!! 

Green tea packs an amazing punch of health benefits with research over the years showing those benefits to including preventing heart disease, fighting cancer cells, lowering cholesterol and risk of stroke,  preventing diabetes, helping with weight loss by boosting the metabolism and burning fat, protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and the list can go on and on. 

Not only is green tea an AMAZING source of antioxidants, but it also is the perfect touch of caffeine to sip in the afternoon to help get through the afternoon brain fog and end the day productive!! It is very light in caffeine compared to coffee to help spark clarity and focus without the jitters that some of us face with coffee. Green tea also contains L-theanine, which is an amino acid that directly affects the central nervous system by interacting with the brain. Caffeine and L-theanine work together to improve brain function! 

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) in the adult brain and these neurotransmitters are critical to learning as they are very widely distributed in the neurons of the cortex ... basically they send messages through the brain and the nervous system as they regulate communication between brain cells. So yes, It is important to keep these functioning properly! There is also evidence that shows that GABA is helpful for reducing anxiety by relaxing the muscles and the brain. They also increase dopamines, serotonin, and alpha waves within the brain. Wow! The human body is an impressive thing!

Who else is getting up right now to go make a cup of green tea!?! I know I am!  

But I'm not done yet!!  There is still plenty of amazing facts about Green Tea! One of the most important components EGCG (epigallocatchin-3-gallate) which is an antioxidant that may be the key to the many medical benefits of green tea as it has been found to treat numerous diseases! EGCG has been shown to improve alterness, halt fatigue, and boost strength and power (one reason it is so popular in health, fitness, and weight loss circles).

Green Tea is also loaded with additional powerful polyphenols and antioxidants such as flavonoids and catechins. Green tea being amongst the most concentrated of catechins and black tea containing much lower levels than green tea. But the extended oxidation that black tea encounters does increase the concentration of two complex polyphenols, thearubigins and theaflavins. 

Not all teas are created equally! Drinking "tea" doesn't mean that you are getting all of the above mentioned benefits!  A few variables that affect the potency is the type of tea, amount used, process to brew, oxidation (black and oolong tea), decaffeination process, instant tea, ready-to-drinks teas, and more. So there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right tea to add into your wellness routine! And I can't stress enough the importance of using organic tea! Non-organic teas are just so dangerous because, when sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, make a concentrated version of those on the dried leaves. And when you brew your tea, those concentrated chemicals end up in your beverage! Not really a good combination when you are drinking tea for the health benefits!

Let me introduce you to The Leaf Logic Green Tea Team! 

Green Tea Team  Variety Pack.jpg

I have created an innumerable amount of green tea blends over the years. But these 5 are the constant and steady green tea blends here at Leaf Logic! They are all so unique in flavor and appearance and it makes for such an exciting rotation to my tea time! And as always here at Leaf Logic, these blends are made up of 100% organic ingredients and never any flavorings or harmful additives, just pure health and wellness in a cup!

Let me introduce you to each of them.

White Jasmine has a beautiful and floral taste, Serene warmth with smooth and floral notes. I created this blend out of desire to have a "spa visit in a cup". It truly makes me drift off into a quiet and calm world free from stress and to-do lists. The jasmine taste is not a flavoring, but once the tea leaves are dried, they are spread out on trays and at the end of the day before the jasmine blossoms close up for the night, the flowers are picked and placed on top of the tea leaves. They are left to infuse their beautiful pure taste and aroma into the tea leaves. And that is how we are able to bring you a very real jasmine green tea!

Gunpowder and Rose has a robust and invigorating flavor and is a fantastic punch of caffeine for the afternoon lull. It is a very rich green tea flavor! I created this blend very early in the Leaf Logic years to help have a blend that my husband was eager to grab and enjoy! The name "gunpowder green tea" is said to have derived from a traveler who walked into a tea facility and asked why they had barrels of gunpowder sitting everywhere. The tea leaves are rolled into tiny balls before drying and has the appearance of gunpowder. And legend has it that that is how these green tea got its name. 

Prairie Sunrise is your traditional green tea taste. A nutty, full-flavored blend of decadent green teas that brews up a beautiful golden cup. This blend also is one of the prettiest here at Leaf Logic. When creating this blend, I wanted something that was a nod to the prairies of Kansas. I have so many beautiful floral accents added to this blend that you will not only enjoy the flavor, but you will intensely enjoy the beauty as if the blend is telling you a story!

Sencha Mint is a beautifully bright green tea with a soft touch of mint which is perfect for the afternoon pick-me-up. Smooth & full Sencha green tea with refreshing & invigorating peppermint. This is one of my favs for an afternoon tea. The peppermint is a natural stimulant that when added to the green tea will help make any afternoon more focused and clear!  Mint is also a natural aid for digestion to help eliminate gas, so I recommend this blend for after lunch. Head back to the work after lunch focused and comfortable! 

Emerald City, it is a wonderful light green tea that is also excellent iced on those hot summer days!  Follow the yellow brick road to a smooth, light & full flavor Sencha green tea. This blend is fantastic to steep multiple times (meaning, use the same tea leaves and add hot water again and again) as it offers more complexity and different flavor notes are enhanced with each steeping. Sencha green tea is lightly steamed before it is dried so it gives it a bright green appearance and flavor. 

Or you can always buy the Green Tea Team variety pack and have plenty of health and wellness at your fingertips!! 

So there is the Leaf Logic Green Tea Family! What is your favorite Leaf Logic Green Tea?

A fantastic way to try all of the Leaf Logic Green Teas (as well as sip and savor some other tea varieties as well) is to join the Leaf Logic Tea Crate! This is a monthly tea subscription where you get healthy tea delivered to your door each and every month! No hassle to remember to reorder, just get excited when the tea arrives and have delicious tea on hand at all times! This is also a great way to try any new blends that I roll out. Some are exclusive to tea club members!

Thank you and happy tea time!