Welcome to Cozy Leaf!

We are a family owned loose leaf tea company based in Kansas with a mission to create herbal and medicinal tea blends that taste good and heal the body.



Our Loose Leaf Teas are...

  • All natural and organic

  • Preservative Free

  • Made in small batches

We pride ourselves on sourcing the majority of our ingredients from local U.S. farmers.

3 Ways To Experience Cozy Leaf Tea!


Do you know which Cozy Leaf Teas are your favorite? Click on over to our Online Tea Shop and grab your favorite teas from the Cozy Leaf Collection quickly and easily online now!


One of the easiest ways to try a variety of Cozy Leaf teas is to join the subscription box! We automatically ship you 2 delicious healthy teas to your doorstep every month!


Find a local retailer

We are continually building our map for all of the cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores that sell and serve Cozy Leaf tea! Try out our interactive map to see where you can find your favorite tea!


Our blends are created by Cozy Leaf founder, Abby.

Each individual herb in a blend recipe is chosen for a specific healing purpose and for rich flavor.

Read more about Abby's story on learning herbology and how Cozy Leaf started HERE.

You can currently find Cozy Leaf teas in various grocery stores, cafes, coffee shops, and natural food markets in the Midwest. Find your nearest location HERE!



Cozy Leaf was born out of a love for creating tea designed for wellness delicious to sip.

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