3 Small Steps to Build a Strong Immune System

The immune system is what keeps our bodies going! It protects us from all the outside bacteria and viruses trying to conquer and destroy! There are ways we can boost our immune system to support our bodies and give us a fighting chance!

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FOOD Choices

Health and Wellness starts in the Kitchen! When anyone in my family is not feeling well I quickly think through what we have been eating lately and most of the time I have some immediate "mom guilt" because I realize that our meals haven't been the best. Did you know that even the smallest bit of sugar after consumed suppresses the immune system for several hours!? The same with alcohol and processed foods. There are also some studies out there that show that dairy does the same. I'm not saying that I never eat sugar! Let me make that clear right away! I like my sweets as much as the next person, but I also know I have to limit it for myself and my family especially during cold and flu season

It's not just what we take out of our diet but it's important to know what to add in. Boosting the body with plenty of natural vitamins and minerals throughout your day is crucial! And it is always so fun to know that teas are packed with natural vitamins and minerals!! So adding a few cups of tea into your day can drastically affect how the body performs.


drink water

WATER is SO important! My family makes fun of me because when anyone says "I have a headache" or "I don't feel good" or "I'm so tired", I always say "Go drink some water!!!" And 9 times out of 10 that is exactly what they needed! 

I drink a lot of water, but I also drink a lot of herbal teas which obviously contain water! So you don't have to chug tons of cups of water throughout the day as the only solution for hydration! You can also incorporate some refreshing herbal tea as a hydration alternative! It is important to note here that the focus should be on herbal caffeine free teas because caffeine can actually dehydrate you more! So grabbing a big tall glass of green tea on a hot summer day may be refreshing, but you will have to drink extra water to help compensate for the caffeine's effect on your body. Some of my favorite herbal teas for this is Soothing Lemon Wellness, Mint Meadow, and Hibiscus Twist! They are SO refreshing, especially on a hot summer day, and they also contain no caffeine so I can drink them and know that I am getting hydrated and not dehydrated from caffeine!


REST and relax

Nourish your body with rest! Notice that this point is not "SLEEP", it is REST! Sleep is very important, but so is REST! Rest can mean anything from a quiet moment to sit outside and watch the birds (without bringing your phone with you!), drinking a cup of tea (without the TV on!), or reading a book (without outside noise screaming at you!)... We are so bombarded with electronics, noise, and constant stimulation that we are not giving our bodies the MUCH NEEDED REST that it requires to stay healthy and thrive!!! I am just as guilty as the next person at not focusing on moments of still and silence, but I definitely notice my body getting overly fatigued when I have too much going on! 

So give yourself a few moments of rest for the sake of your immune system and enjoy a peaceful cup of tea!


I would like to challenge you look at your life and try to see areas that you can improve your FOOD CHOICES, WATER INTAKE, and REST AND RELAXATION. Just like with any changes we make to our life, it won't happen overnight and it won't ever be perfect. But if we make small changes, over a period of time those will add up and we will be able to look back and be proud of our improvements!

So for today, try drinking just 1 extra glass of water...

and tomorrow, try adding 3 minutes of silence along with that 1 extra glass of water... 

and the following day put down the bag of chips and instead have some fruit, 1 extra glass of water, and 3 minutes of silence.

And before we know it we will feel better than we have in years!!! Thank you for joining me on my journey with tea and health and wellness and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Abby (Cozy Leaf founder & owner)