3 Tips to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

Rest, Nutrition, and Hydration are 3 KEY factors to prepare your body for the upcoming cold and flu season!

tips to prepare for cold and flu season

REST is crucial for preparing the body for any germs that you may bump across. And oh boy, you will bump across germs! In my opinion, germs are not entirely bad but only if your body is prepared to combat those germs! A weakened immune system due to exhaustion will have a much harder time fighting off the bad bugs. Rest does not always mean sleeping at night, although that is probably the most crucial rest. Rest can also mean whatever restores your body and mind. Things like reading, long hot bath, yoga, meditation, or whatever calms and relaxes your body so you can be restored and ready for the challenges you face. You will be a better and more productive you if you give yourself these moments of rest and restoration. 

NUTRITION should go without saying, but I definitely have to stress the importance of nutrition throughout the cold and flu season! A well balanced diet rich with vitamins and nutrients as well as protein and yes even fats is critical to feeding your body so it can run this race! Our society is so bombarded by packaged and convenience foods that we often just trust that it must be safe for us if it is sold in the grocery store. But sadly, that is definitely not the case! It is important to also look at what is important to take out of the diet! Sugars, even in small quantities weakens the immune system. Studies have shown that after consuming sugar, the immune system is weakened for hours. This goes the same with alcohol and even to a certain extent dairy falls into that category. I'm definitely not saying these things are entirely bad and to avoid them 100% of the time (if you do, then you have a stronger will power than me!), but I am saying to be aware of it! If you are getting sick, a huge piece of cake and a tall glass of milk probably isn't a good idea! 

HYDRATION is your friend this time of year! Stay hydrated to help flush out toxins and keep your immune system healthy and supported. And yes, herbal teas are a perfectly good way of staying hydrated! Be careful for caffeine beverages like energy drinks, coffee, and even green and black teas because the caffeine can actually dehydrate your system. But herbal teas are fantastic to hydrate and support your body! There are a numerous amount of herbs that are good for dehydration including mint, chamomile, elderflower, and many others. And if you are trying to flush out toxins from your system, then teas like Cozy Clean Detox is great for eliminating toxins! These herbs help open the glands to release toxins through sweat as well as produce urine, but it is good to note that you need to drink additional water to not only detox but also to stay hydrated. 

Over the years in my personal life I have looked to these 3 things - REST, NUTRITION, and HYDRATION - to stay healthy! My love for herbal teas have definitely grown as I have found them to be very beneficial for all 3 of my wellness points! I rely on my tea blends like Sleep Ease and Peaceful Dreams to keep me and my family calm and rested and also relying on teas like Soothing Lemon Wellness and Berry Bliss for the rich vitamins and minerals found in those herbs to help support my body during the winter months! Then there are the obvious blends like Breathe Deep, Throat Soothe, and Immune Support for winter health! There are plenty of benefits to drinking herbal tea blends! And with them you can cover all 3 of these TIPS to Prepare for Cold and Flu season! 


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Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!

Abby (Leaf Logic founder and owner)