4 Daily Uses of Mint Tea

There are many reasons to enjoy a delicious cup of mint tea, aside from its refreshing taste. In this article, I'm going to focus on 4 daily uses of mint tea. Mint is a natural stimulant and it can naturally help with mental focus and weight loss, as well as eliminating gas and bad breath.

Mental Focus

I forgot what I was going to write here... let me go get a cup of caffeine-free Mint Meadow tea and maybe I will remember.

I'm kidding, but mint really is fantastic for helping with brain stimulation and bringing life back into a sluggish day. I take mint essential oils in my car on long road trips for this very reason. It naturally wakes up the brain and says, "Get your boots on friends, 'cause here we go!"

Weight Loss

I'm not saying that if you drink 1 cup of mint tea that you will lose 5 pounds... I REALLY wish that was the case! But mint is so fantastic for flushing out toxins and boosting the metabolism that it naturally aids in weight loss. A refreshing cup of iced Mint Meadow organic artisan loose leaf herbal tea is the perfect companion during a workout or a long walk.

Gas Relief

Mint naturally helps with digestion, making it a fantastic after-dinner tea. Mint quickly helps calm your intestines and eliminate the gas buildup that sneaks out as embarrassing little toots. Do yourself a huge favor and sip on some Mint Meadow tea after meals to help naturally calm your stomach and prevent unwanted sounds and smells. Serving mint tea at a dinner party helps ensure your guests won't go home thinking the foods you served caused them hours of intestinal discomfort.

Bad Breath

Mint has an amazing ability to freshen the breath and eliminate odor-causing bacteria that produces embarrassing bad breath. One big sip of mint tea will coat your whole mouth and freshen your breath because when it travels down your throat and kills bacteria there. Since mint also eliminates gas, sipping mint tea also helps prevent unwanted and stinky burps after a meal.

Now, pull up a chair, sip some Mint Meadow tea, and join me in saying hello to MENTAL FOCUS and WEIGHT LOSS, and farewell to GAS and BAD BREATH!

To our health and happiness,

Abby (Cozy Leaf founder & owner)