100% Grown in the USA

"Is this grown in the USA?" You asked and I listened! I have a passion for creating blend that are 100% grown from the soil of our great nation! American farmers are becoming an endangered species and I want to do my best to bring you tea blends that are not only blended and packaged in the US but also grown in the US from the heart and soul of American farmers!

We work with about 120 different ingredients throughout the Cozy Leaf line of teas and I am proud to say that over half of those ingredients are sourced from within the US. Many variables come into play when sourcing ingredients and I am constantly looking for the highest quality ingredients I can find!  

So hats off to the red, white and blue as we launch our line of 100% US grown blends! Its all starting on the great Islands of Hawaii with these two amazing blends! Turmeric Ginger No.1 and Cascara Ginger No.1

Want to read more about our Turmeric and Ginger blend or about our Cascara blend? And definitely stay tuned for more exciting news in the line of Cozy Leaf US grown tea blends! I have so many ideas headed your way!!

Happy tea time,