How to Brew an Antioxidant Packed Iced Tea

Soothing Lemon Wellness is one of my go-to blends for a party! It is refreshing and healthy and is the perfect evening iced tea for these hot summer dinners because it has no caffeine! And a lot of studies show how rooibos is 5 times higher in antioxidants than green tea! Not to mention the amazing digestive benefits of lemons! My kids absolutely love this iced tea and I feel an "epic mom win" moment when they are chugging down glass after glass of antioxidant packed wellness!!! 

Another amazing aspect about this brew is that it is an herbal blend and the leaves are not susceptible to brewing a bitter cup by steeping too long or by the water being too hot. In fact, boiling water is perfect! To brew a perfect cup simply place 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water in your strainer of choice, place the strainer into your cup and top with boiling water. Let is set for 5+ minutes (the longer you steep it the longer it will have to pull the beneficial properties out into the water). Then sip away! Soothing Lemon Wellness is also a great blend to steep and resteep! Meaning, save your leaves for a second or even third brew with the same leaves.

If you want instant iced tea you can pour that brew over ice and have a delicious summer time treat! Or follow the directions we laid out on National Iced Tea Day!!! 

I also looooove this tea as a sun tea!!! Just place your tea leaves in room temperature water and place out in the sun for 3-4 hours and watch your jar become filled with delicious amber goodness! I love to toss a sliced up lemon into my sun tea when I have an extra on hand to give such a fun freshness to the brew!

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Enjoy tea time!