Tea Team Q&A with Savannah

Savannah the human non-alien not a robot

We would love to introduce you to the spectacular Savannah!

Savannah, How long have you been working with Leaf Logic?

“Hi, I’m Savannah. I’ve been working at Leaf Logic since May of 2017.”

What are your favorite things to do here at Leaf Logic?

“My favorite thing to do at work is blending, and I love blending because I get to interact with all of the different blends. I have also been modeling, wood working, a problem solver, and my crew calls me the “Master Blender!“

What is your favorite Leaf Logic Blend?

“My favorite tea blend is Fit & Active.“

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

“Some things I enjoy doing are swimming, hiking, music listening, painting, and hanging out with people I love. I am headed off to college, but I am so thankful for the opportunity Abby has given me! I have learned so much about both work and life!”

We love having Savannah here at Leaf Logic and we are so happy to introduce her to you. Since its Savannah’s day, we would love to give you 30% off of her favorite blend, which is Fit & Active!

Fit & Active
from 8.99

Artisan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea (Contains Caffeine) - Organic

Full-bodied with floral undertones. A smooth oolong tea becoming more bold with more steepings. Excellent hot or cold!

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Savannah the human non-alien and also not a robot