Turmeric and Ginger from the Islands of Hawaii

I strongly believe in making tea that is both healing for the body and delicious to the palate! The best way to start that is to source the absolutely best ingredients that I can find. It has taken me on many adventures since 2009! This past year has been a passion for sourcing the best US grown ingredients for a blend of the powerhouse duo of Ginger and Turmeric! I could not be happier with the outcome!! Let me take you through my journey! 

I feel like I have tried every possible organic ginger and turmeric on the market. But there was always something that help me back from making the best blend. Tea blending is far more than just throwing together ingredients, it is focusing on the flavor of different processes as well as how different grades and cuts of herbs and teas work together. Sometimes the best of one ingredient just does not pair well with the best of another ingredient. Its crazy how it works, but when its your passion you do not stop searching!!

My quest took me to finding the best possible ginger and turmeric from the Islands of Hawaii!!!! 

These plants need plenty of rainfall and a nice warm climate which makes Hawaii and ideal location for this plant!

Straight from the earth in all its beautiful glory!!! Ginger and Turmeric have long long lists of health benefits!

In fact, Hawaiian Red Turmeric (Olena, native to the Hawaiian Islands) is very different from yellow turmeric found in most health food stores. Curcumin is the most active constituent in turmeric and extensive research has come out about the many many health benefits of curcumin!  I HAD to get my hands on some!!! Here is one study from the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture about the curcuminoid content in Hawaiian Turmeric. 

turmeric curcuminoid content.jpg

And let me tell you, not only is the Hawaiian varieties exceptional in testing labs, but it is highly superior in flavor!!! The freshness, OOOOHHH the freshness!! Seriously, sipping a cup of goldenmilk right now and I feel like I'm back on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, but Toto I am still in Kansas! Stay tuned for another post about how to make a great Goldenmilk!!

To seal in the freshness and beauty of these Hawaiian healing roots,  local lime juice is squeezed onto the  cut roots to lock in the island! 

The hardworking hands and hearts that bring Leaf Logic the best possible ginger and turmeric!!!

Try the Leaf Logic powerhouse duo of Hawaiian Turmeric and Ginger and be fully convinced of the superior flavor and benefit of our blend! One week only we are putting this amazing blend ON SALE!!! There is a limited stock and we wont be able to blend and package more until next January so don’t wait, stock up now! Only available HERE on our website and for a limited time!


Want more of these superior plants?!? Head over to Lani Sweets and Treats and pick up a few bags of their amazing ginger and turmeric snacks! They are phenomenal!!! It will leave you giggling with excitement that you are tasting delicious snacks that are so extremely good for you!! 

Malig & Livya are passionate and dedicated to spreading the word about these amazing roots and it is truly because of them that I am able to bring this tea blend to you today! Thank you both so much!!! Read their story here and fall in love with their journey!

You'll be hearing much more about these Hawaiian ingredients (and many more) as we are working hard to bring you a line of Leaf Logic teas that are blended from 100% US grown herbs and teas! It is a passion of mine to source my herbs from farmers who have a passion for growing the best organic products! 

Thank you all for your love and commitment to health!