Tea Storage

People often ask “How long will tea leaves stay good?” and I always say that if it is stored properly then the tea leaves can maintain potency for a couple years! But the key is “stored properly”!

white jasmine loose leaf tea

Tea can be stored for several years if stored properly. There are 5 things that negatively affect the flavor and medicinal properties of your loose leaf tea:

  1. Light - You will want to keep your tea leaves away from unwanted UV rays which break down the potency and flavor of your leaves.

  2. Air and Oxygen - Keeping your container sealed tight is obviously a key to keep out the air and oxygen, but also consider the open space in your jar. If you store a small amount of tea in a large container, even if the container is sealed, there is still plenty of air/oxygen trapped inside with the tea leaves. Keeping your container filled for long term storage will help fill the space with tea and not with air.

  3. Heat - Heat will break down those tea leaves so fast! You don’t necessarily have to store your tea jar in the refrigerator, but storing it in a cabinet right above the stove is probably not a good idea! I leave mine out on the counter to help them not get hot in the cabinet, but also to help remind me to drink them regularly! I’ve heard some people say that they store them in the back bottom cabinet to keep them cool, but then they forget they are there and they sit there for years. So that’s not a good option either. Do what works best for your daily life!

  4. Moisture - Tea leaves are perfectly dried for a reason… any moisture at all is bad! Keeping your jar sealed tight and away from any steam or moisture is crucial. And make sure your spoon is dry before dipping it into your tea jar!

  5. Time - If all of the above factors are taken into account, then you should have about 2 years of quality in those tea leaves! But after those 2 years are up its not like the tea will be rotten. The tea is still drinkable, it just wont have its upmost potency! I have some tea that I have had for a few years and I am always shocked that when it is stored properly it actually lasts much longer than I anticipate!

Mint Meadow open jar.jpg

A lot of research went into our packaging with these factors in mind! Our jars seal out the air and humidity as well as darkening the product inside to keep it away from light. We chose an amber colored jar to help keep those unwanted UV rays away from your delicate leaves.

With our packaging we cover the bases of light, air/oxygen, and moisture and if you store it in a cool place then you take care of the temperature aspect! The only thing left is “time” and that is assuming you don’t drink it all right away anyway!

Amber Bottles on shelf.jpg

And on each of our jars we recommend to "store in a cool, dark, and dry place" just for added protection of your tea leaves.

Turmeric Ginger side panel.jpg

Follow these steps and you can have a great selection of Leaf Logic tea in your tea cabinet that will last you all year!

Happy tea time!