The Importance Of The Formula

When formulating herbal tea blends, the exact formulas are crucial. I spend months and some times years when creating a new blend. There is extreme attention to the details of each and every ingredient that goes into my blends. 

Let me tell you a little story about the importance of a formula and the importance of having the right ingredients... There was a season of my life that I directed theater. As a theater teacher, I would also be a substitute teacher often. One of my classes that I substitute for was a 7th grade English class. This part time substitute job because a "not so substitute job" and I ended up teaching the class the whole year. I never would have thought I would be a 7th grade English teacher, but I loved it! One lesson was about the importance to each part of the paragraph. My students were not getting it! They still kept turning in papers that they did not follow the steps to building a good paragraph. So I made them some homemade chocolate chip cookies one day! They looked delicious!! Before I passed them out, I told them how I wanted them to eat these cookies and really focus on the importance of following directions. Just like I followed directions to bake cookies, I wanted them to follow directions to writing a paragraph. The kids immediately started eating their cookies. 1 kid threw up, half the class ran to the trash can, and the rest spit out their cookie right on their desk. Whoops! They didn't like the cookies! So I said, "What could possibly be wrong? I followed the directions! Well kind of! I was low on sugar so I substituted salt instead! That's ok right?!?" They did not agree! Oh boy, thankfully I was naive enough to not realize the amount of trouble I could have gotten into for this little object lesson and thankfully I didn't get into any trouble. But most importantly, they all got my point and every paragraph was correct the remainder of the year! 

This story has stuck in my mind and I giggle about it often, but it is SO true as to the importance of following a formula!! Tea formulating is very similar to baking, different ingredients serve a different purpose and require different ratios. This is a passion of mine when formulating different tea blend. I have studies these plants for about 15 years and am always amazed at how powerful they can be when used properly and in combination with other plants that will benefit each other!

Another factor that is important to a perfect formula is the quality of the ingredients. So many teas now a days are crushed and powdered to fit them into a little tea bag. That process to crush and powder them is ruining the medicinal properties! So even though their formula may be spot on, the actual ingredients are definitely not quality and it ruins the end product. 

It is also important to find teas with organic ingredients! A lot of these non-organic herbs are dried with pesticides on the leaves which becomes a concentrate in your tea cup! Yuck! What could possibly be worse!? Good healthy herbs with a side of pesticides? Bleh! So look for quality organic ingredients or get to know the farmers who grow it so you know exactly what has been on your ingredients every step of the way! 

So when you are looking for an herbal tea, keep these things in mind:

  1. Who formulated it?
  2. What ingredients are used?
  3. What is the quality of each ingredient?
  4. Is it organic?

By following these simple steps, you will find a wonderful tea. Here at Cozy Leaf, I have a passion for quality formulas and premium organic ingredients! I want to share that with you so you can enjoy tea blends that are designed for wellness and delicious to sip!!

Thank you,

Abby (Cozy Leaf founder & owner)