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We believe plants were created for everyday use. We empower customers, farmers, suppliers, and employees with knowledge and resources about herbs, tea, and wellness so they can benefit from the plant’s deep historical roots in life and longevity.

Here are some of the ways that this company value is brought out in our business. As we continually keep this in focus, we will add to this list so we can share the progress with you.

what is the immune system and what does it do
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Blog: The Teahouse Journal

Our blog provides a platform for educating customers with recipes and tips on all things tea! From information about individual ingredients and how they can benefit you, to tips on brewing and adding tea into your daily life. We hope this information will help bring you knowledge and resources to let these plants and formulas benefit your daily life. 

Hibiscus Iced tea bottles
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Wholesale customers:

Each location that serves Leaf Logic tea is a unique opportunity to provide wellness tea to customers on a daily basis. We want to help find the best solution to your brewing, servings, displaying, and customers experience. Our focus is on the plants and bringing a premium tea experience in every opportunity.