Cozy Leaf is Rebranding!!! Soon to be...

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In the last year, a huge change has been brewing for Cozy Leaf tea and I’m excited to finally announce that we are REBRANDING! Last year, the growth of our company led to the need to trademark our company name. Long story short, we were ultimately denied the mark and were forced to change our name.

I’ll be the first to admit--this was tough news to swallow. The road of entrepreneurship has many ups and downs and this was definitely a DOWN. But, after some time and thought, I am actually totally ecstatic for this chance to redefine our direction as a company.

I’m thrilled to announce our new name (drum roll, please)...LEAF LOGIC!!!

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This name not only captures my passion for intentionally using plants and herbs as potent and powerful healers, but encompasses my desire to move towards increased sustainability. Caring for the earth with it’s precious life-giving soil has been a long time goal for my personal life and now for Leaf Logic.

I have so many exciting changes to share with you! But there are quite a few things that have not changed and first and foremost it is the tea blends themselves! The blends will still be the same and all of our crew here at Leaf Logic is the same.

I have been very eager to share the company values. Establishing these pillars for the business has been the defining point that has brought about so much positive change. One of our values is Sustainability and holding true to that value has made me rethink a lot of things about our packaging.

Even though the previous bags had a natural feel and look, they still contained multiple layers of plastic. I knew immediately that those bags would have to go! I believe that one of the only solutions to the world’s waste problems is for people to reuse and refill. This is why I have created a product line that fully embodies the ability to refill and reuse the packaging. We are working with retailers to have refill stations where you can refill at your local grocery store or co-op. You can reuse your Leaf Logic jar or you can bring your own mason jar, anything to help bring awareness to the growing number of opportunities to refill!

If you can not find a refill station near you, you can always purchase our refill pouches. These refill pouches are available through and are 100% plant based cellophane that are fully compostable!!! They contain the exact amount to refill your amber glass tea jar or to purchase and refill your own container. We love the convenience and light weight aspect of these bags and are absolutely thrilled with the results of their speed to decompose in our home compost. In as little as 30 days these bags were fully returned to the earth in our compost bins. We also tested them in water and they will fully break down and disintegrate in less than 90 days.  

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With any of these compostable bag options we encourage you to compost these at home if you have the option along with tea leaves, coffee grounds, or any produce scraps. If you do not have that options give to local gardeners to add to their compost! And you can compost these along with the cardboard box it came in! Did you know we use only 100% plant based inks for our stamps and its totally safe for compost? (another effort to stay true to our values!)

There is a lot of info on our new website about our values and I am eager to add more as we build that site!

Values Icons Leaf Logic Tea.jpg


You can also swing on over to the tea shop to be one of the first to purchase Leaf Logic Tea!!!

Check out our social media to stay up to date on all of our changes and updates!

Now let’s all go have a cup of tea!!!


Thank you

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for your encouragement and support through the years!

- Abby

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    This is one reason it is crucial to build your bodies defenses to help fight off the flu virus before it can infiltrate your system! Herbs are a very natural and safe way to daily assist your body! Herbs like echinacea, ginger, elderberries, cinnamon, and clove are apart of our daily lives here at my house! Immune Support, Breathe Deep, and Throat Soothe are fantastic to support and help heal the body through these winter months. And Kansas Sunset Chai, Tiger Fire Chai, and Winter Wonderland are 3 great examples of blends that are packed with cinnamon, clove, and ginger which are all great for helping support the immune system! And a great one for the kids is Berry Bliss! This blend is packed with elderberries and offers a great antioxidant boost for young and old! Another great way to support the body is with herbs to help eliminate toxins and that is exactly what Cozy Clean Detox is formulated to do! 

    Let tea time be apart of your daily routine and these blends can help support your body and help you fight off sickness!


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    Happy Tea Time,

    Abby (Cozy Leaf founder & owner)

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