Rise and Shine Variety Pack

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Variety Pack Rise & Shine.JPG

Rise and Shine Variety Pack


Get an energy boost anytime with the top three caffeine blends in the Cozy Leaf collection. These handcrafted artisan loose leaf teas are all organic and contain caffeine.

Includes the perfect trio for a productive day:

  • Prairie Sunrise - A nutty, full-flavored blend of decadent loose leaf green teas.
  • Fit and Active - A full-bodied, smooth oolong tea with floral undertones. Delicious hot or cold.
  • Cottage Breakfast - A rich and robust black tea blend with a deep, malty linger. 

Each package contains 20 servings. Double or triple brew for 40-60 cups of tea. 


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Cozy Leaf Teas are handcrafted for wellness in Kansas, and they're delicious to sip. We believe that herbal teas shouldn't have a medicinal taste, and we pride ourselves on blending our tea in small batches to ensure quality. We're a family-owned business and we source most of our ingredients from farmers right here in the United States.

This trio will bring you the perfect start to the day so you can stay productive!

Prairie Sunrise - 

Artisan Loose Leaf Green Tea (Contains Caffeine) – Organic

A nutty, full-flavored blend of decadent green teas that brews up a beautiful golden cup.


Fit and Active - Artisan Loose Leaf Oolong Tea (Contains Caffeine) - Organic

Full-bodied with floral undertones. A smooth oolong tea becoming more bold with more steepings. Excellent hot or cold!


Cottage Breakfast

Artisan Loose Leaf Black Tea (Caffeine) – Organic

Rich and robust with a deep and malty linger. Try this blend with a little cream and sugar for a truly decadent experience.