We believe in using sustainable systems that look to the future. We do this by implementing the Five R’s into our business practices - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. Click here for more information on the 5 R’s.

Here are some of the ways that this company value is brought out in our business. As we continually keep this in focus, we will add to this list so we can share the progress with you.

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REfillable Jar:

We believe that one of the only solutions to the worlds waste problems is for people to reuse and refill. This is why we have created a product line that fully embodies the ability to refill and reuse the packaging. We are working with retailers to have refill stations where you can refill at your local grocery store or co-op. You can reuse your Leaf Logic jar or you can bring your own mason jar, anything to help bring awareness to the growing number of opportunities to refill!

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Fully Compostable Bags - Refill Pouches, Food Service Bulk and Iced

If you can not find a refill station near you, you can always purchase our refill pouches. For consumers through, these bags are 100% plant based cellophane that are fully compostable refill bags with the exact amount to refill your amber glass tea jar or to purchase and refill your own container. We love the convenience and light weight aspect of these bags and are absolutely thrilled with the results of their speed to decompose in the compost. In as little as 30 days these bags were fully returned to the earth in our compost bins. We also tested them in water and they will fully break down and disintegrate in less than 90 days. 

Fully Compostable Bulk Bags - For Food Service or Bulk Grocery

For our wholesale customers - whether you are buying in bulk for your food establishment to brew hot cups of tea or if you are buying in bulk for customers to refill their amber loose leaf tea jar, we only use 100% plant based bags that are fully compostable to deliver premium loose leaf tea in an eco friendly way!

Fully Compostable Tear and Brew Iced Tea Pouches - For Food Service

With a desire to move in a more sustainable direction of packaging, all of our tear and brew tea pouches are also 100% plant based & 100% compostable! This is a great option for food service to avoid the plastic found in standard iced tea flight packs and go an eco-friendly route! 

With any of these compostable bag options we encourage you to compost these at home or at your place of business if you have the option along with tea leaves, coffee grounds, or any produce scraps. If you do not have that options give to local gardeners to add to their compost! And you can compost these along with the cardboard box it came in! Did you know we use only 100% plant based inks for our stamps and its totally safe for compost?

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Shipper boxes with Plant Based Inks

Our cardboard boxes are all stamped with 100% plant based inks so you can put your box directly into your compost bin without the need to utilize recycling resources. If you do not have the option of composting at your home, we encourage you to find a local gardener or farmer at your farmers market who is willing to take and compost your tea leaves, boxes, and bags! 

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Packing Tape

Our tape we use for packing is a paper and rubber based tape and can be composted! Rubber comes from the sap of a rubber tree, and the rule with composting is: If it once was alive, it can be composted. We don't use any plastic packing tape so you can rest assure that what we ship to your door can be fully composted!

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We Compost

We go through a lot of herbs and tea leaves around here and we don't want any of these leaves being wasted. We have a compost area so we have the opportunity to compost any plant and food waste as well as packing products to keep them out of the landfill. We also love the chance to learn new tips and tricks to share with our wholesale customers as to what is working and not working in the compost department.

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We are constantly striving to make new and better eco-friendly advances within our lives and business. I can't wait to share with you the steps we are taking! 

We have a company wide passion to reduce waste and continually expand our eco-efforts. With our ultimate focus constantly directed towards the plants, we know that sustainable efforts are absolutely necessary! Thank you for joining and supporting this journey!!