Spa Day Variety Pack

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Variety Pack - Spa Day.JPG

Spa Day Variety Pack

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Take an all-day trip to the Spa without leaving home with three of our most popular handcrafted artisan loose leaf herbal tea blends:

  • Start your morning with a beautiful and delicious cup of White Jasmine, a green & white tea blend with smooth floral notes. (Contains caffeine). 
  • In the afternoon, refresh and relax with a lovely cup of Mint Meadow blend, with invigorating spearmint and peppermint. (Caffeine-free)
  • Unwind in the evening with a few cups of Sleep Ease, a heavenly blend of chamomile and lavender. (Caffeine-free)

Each package contains 20 servings. Double or triple brew for 40-60 cups of tea. 

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At Cozy Leaf, our organic tea blends are handcrafted to deliver wellness and relaxation plus great taste. We're a family-owned business in Kansas, and the majority of our ingredients are sourced from local U.S. farmers. We always create our teas in small batches to ensure the best quality and taste.

White Jasmine - 

Artisan Loose Leaf Green & White Tea (Contains Caffeine) – Organic

Serene warmth with smooth and floral notes. 



Mint Meadow - 

Artisan Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free) – Organic

Lively, aromatic bouquet with an invigorating and refreshing finish of peppermint and spearmint.



Sleep Ease - 

Artisan Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free) – Organic

Curl up at night to this smooth and velvety cup with soothing chamomile and calming lavender. This blend is very effective at calming and soothing the body and helping to bring back balance through the soothing herbal properties.